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A letter from the President

To convey the message on who we are, what we do, and why we do it, I endeavored to write something that stood the test of time, and showed the vision CIEL Industries had even before our start.

In the fledgling years of CIEL, I already had a clear view of what I needed to see in the company. I put it down early in our vision statement, and feel that the best message I can write as President is to break it down…where I came from, where I was at, and where We are going.

“CIEL Industries was born of Motorsports Enthusiasts…

Whether in mind or body, CIEL Industries’ team members are Endurance Racers, Off-Shore Power Boaters, Formula 1 Racers, Motorcycle Racers, Drag Racers, and more…we embrace all things Motorsport, and understand that to achieve the pinnacle of any venture requires the ultimate support team, the finest equipment, an extreme work ethic, unbridled passion… and a bit of good fortune.”

As long as I can remember, I have been a motorsports enthusiast. 

From a very early age I worked on cars. I quickly learned the value of the right tool for the job, and the importance of using a quality product.

Drag, endurance, circle track, snowmobile, indoor flat-track motorcycle, and anything I could catch on ABC’s Wide World of Sports just barely satisfied my racing needs. I’ve also had a number of very collectible cars pass through my hands…looking back, I can see I was hooked on racing and wrenching from the beginning. This was, and those who know me say, still is, my passion.

Fast forward to a successful career in manufacturing. I found that quality is “THE” most important thing you can add to your products. If it doesn’t work, doesn’t fit, or breaks, it doesn’t matter what the price was or how fast you got it…you have nothing.

I learned early on that a great team, the best technology (not necessarily the latest) and a good supply base is how you really get things done. Along with this, I learned (…I actually believe I knew it all along) that “hard” and “work” are two four-letter words to embrace, enjoy, and point to as life success reasons.

As for the “bit of good fortune”, while it’s true we make our own good fortune, there are a number of things that, if they fall the right way, help us achieve success faster…maybe not better, but definitely faster.

Rest assured, as long as I carry breath in my lungs, CIEL will listen to our customers, our team members, our suppliers, and our gut, to bring the best products to market we can…

Thank You.

Robin A. Stromberg

President and CEO, CIEL Industries LLC

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